About Sure Step

Is a family owned company that has been in business for 25 years with an A+ rating and BBB accreditation in the US | Canada. We developed the SURE STEP Nonslip Solution to address the dangers and frequency of Slip and Fall accidents in the commercial and residential sectors. Our products have been developed and proven for concrete, quarry tile, Spanish tile, ceramic tile, glazed brick, marble, terrazzo, porcelain/enamel, and many other hard mineral surfaces. In addition, we are the only anti-slip solution provider that has met the criteria for highest dynamic COF among all competitors in the industry. We are backed and supported by the leading walkway auditing company in North America (Safe Space Ingenuity) and recognized with letters of testimonial by makers of the BOT-3000E (Regan Scientific Instruments).


SURE STEP is a long-lasting chemical treatment that creates an invisible, sophisticated tread design into the surface of hard mineral floors and porcelain/enamel bathtubs. SURE STEP will not change the appearance of the floor or bathtub.

A surface treated with SURE STEP is actually safer in a wet condition than a dry, untreated surface.

A Clean Process

SURE STEP is not a film or a coating. Nor does it leave any chemicals, grit or residue on the surface of the floor or bathtub. Once a surface is treated, 100% of the solution is neutralized and then removed.

Floor and Bathtub Friendly

A SURE STEP treatment will not cause chipping, peeling or discoloration. In fact, a SURE STEP floor and bathtub will look brand new again.

Floor and Bathtub Guarantee

Every floor and bathtub treated with SURE STEP is guaranteed to have an increased coefficient of friction for at least one to five years. And we back it up with a written guarantee.

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Did you know?

Did you know that 35% of slip and fall accidents involve children?

A Sure Step Installation is Not Expensive

The cost of Sure Step is pennies when compared to the cost of medical expense, lost time, and the suffering resulting from a slip and fall injury.

Indoor and outdoor applications

indoor outdoor all kinds of weather!

Thank you for visiting me at the Home Show and allowing me to demonstrate our sure step product. As demonstrated our application is highly effective at increasing traction on a wide variety of surfaces. The areas most commonly treated are bathrooms, custom showers, kitchens, mudrooms and laundry areas. Outdoor areas include swimming pool and hot tub decks, as well as walk ways, garages and drive ways. Tiled or concrete patios would also qualify.

Developed and Proven for

  • Quarry Tile
  • CeramicTile
  • PorcelainTile
  • Marble Slab/ Tile
  • Granite Slab/ Tile
  • Marble Slab/ Tile
  • Glazed Brick
  • Concrete Surfaces

And many other hard mineral surfaces.

As a way of introducing my service, I will be happy to treat a bathroom or walkway for $250.00. This is a great way to protect you and your family while maintaining the appearance of your home. My hope is that once you experience our product first hand that you will refer me to friends and neighbours. I believe a satisfied client is the best form of advertising. Our goal is to make homes safe one floor at a time. Call to arrange your appointment. Once treated, the floor is ready for use right away.

What is Sure Step Non-Slip?

  • A long lasting chemical treatment which creates an invisible, sophisticated tread design into the surface of hard mineral floors.
  • From 200-400 percent increase in coefficient of friction when surface is subjected to water.
  • Once treated you can use floor right away, no harmful chemicals. Safe for family and pets.
  • Inexpensive and highly effective.
  • Sure Step is not a film or coating.
  • Sure Step will not chip, peel or discolour.
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